What Makes Us Different?

We are not like other tax preparation firms. There are several things that separate us from the rest:

  1. First of all, we do not want just a transactional relationship but seek to develop a long-term relationship to help with all of your financial planning goals.  Tax planning is one aspect of helping you achieve your long-term financial goals and seeing the overall financial picture can help us to provide the appropriate recommendations. Jumping around from one tax preparer to another makes it difficult for a preparer to identify trends and suggest tax savings strategies.
  2. Second, we have all-inclusive pricing so you don’t have to worry about additional fees once you have been quoted a price.  No additional bank fees, filing fees, credit card fees, transmission fees, audit protection fees! Everything is included in your quoted price!
  3. Third, all of our fees already include audit protection and assistance (with the exception of 1040EZ) so if you receive an audit or inquiry letter from the IRS, you have someone available to assist you and walk you through the process. (Audit protection and assistance are not available for the 1040EZ forms).
  4. Fourth, numbers are our passion! Being detailed oriented and analyzing returns to locate additional deductions are credits are what we pride ourselves on!  Not all tax companies enjoy the number crunching and data analysis like we do!

Tax Preparation Process

Whether you’re a busy individual or you just don’t want to spend hours sitting in a tax office, we have options for you! You can easily obtain a quote here and if you would like to proceed, we will provide instructions on accessing our portal to complete the tax organizer and submit your tax documents via the portal. That way, you don’t have to leave your home or office and wait for hours just to receive a quote and get your taxes filed.

Here’s an overview of the tax preparation process and what is required from both the client and the firm:


STEP 1: Enter info to receive a quote

STEP 2: Fill out organizer, submit documents electronically, and sign engagement agreement

STEP 3: Review tax return, sign E-File Authorization & other forms, and pay invoice

STEP 4: Check status of refund or pay IRS

STEP 5: Download copy of tax return from portal


STEP 1: Provide quote

STEP 2: Send organizer, interview clients and ask for additional documents, and send engagement agreement

STEP 3: Prepare return & upload to portal, send E-File Authorization & other forms, send invoice (receipt, once paid)

STEP 4: E-File tax return and notify clients

STEP 5: Upload copy of tax return from portal