Benefits We Provide

Clarifying Tax Solutions seeks to provide value-added tax preparation services to all of our clients! We have multiple benefits that may differ from other tax preparation companies, such as:

Free direct deposit!

Your refund can be deposited directly into your designated bank account at no additional cost or fees!

Free electronic filing!

Get your refund faster by electronically submitting your return and receive your refund within 21 days (in most cases, according to the IRS).  Electronic filing is a service provided by the IRS to process your return faster than filing a paper return in the mail.

Free tax quote with all-inclusive pricing!

Get a free tax quote with all-inclusive pricing! The price you are quoted is the price you pay, there are no additional filing fees, credit card fees, transmission fees, storage fees, or any other fees! It's that simple.

Tax return completed within 5 business days, guaranteed*!

We guarantee to complete your return within 5 business days guaranteed if all requested documents have been received from the taxpayer and you have entered into an agreement with us.  If we fail to complete your return within 5 business days, you will receive 50% off your quoted services.

Premier Elite Service

You're too busy and don't have time to drop off your information and wait! No problem! Use our Premier Elite Service to fax or upload your documents via our online portal, which can be accessed 24/7. We will provide electronic confirmation of the details regarding your return and refund. This helps you to save traveling time, gas and waiting in a tax office.